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121 Facts!
50 to go -- let's tackle 13 more -- the fives.

After the 0s, 1s, 10s and 2s, here are the ones left to learn:   
' times tables chart facts from 0 to 10 with zeroes, ones, tens and twos blank

Here are the fives times tables on the chart:  

times tables chart showing only twoq

What do you notice about the fives times tables?

 Here is a link to a video,  as well as the powerpoint slides I made first. You'll have to hit the "back" button right now to get back to this page.  

Ready for a quiz on the fives?  (this is the older version, but if you miss one, you get an easy one then a repeat.)


Quiz with icons

There will be more quizzes with different kinds of practice -- but you can also go to 

mathisfun.com multiplication trainer

Next Fact:  The FOURS.