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Some of these sites, especially those by private organizations, start out with their own specific definition/conception of "gifted/LD." The Resource Room cannot vouch for the accuracy/validity of their views. I've tried to get various perspectives so that you can decide what's useful for your situation.

Comprehensive Compilations

  • Uniquely Gifted - A well-organized list of internet resources for both general and specific issues confronting folks with intellectual gifts and accompanying unique challenges of all sorts.

  • Council for Exceptional Children's ERIC Cleraninghouse: Dual Exceptionalities - Articles and links and booklists with information about giftedness, learning disabilities, ADHD, etc.

  • Hoagies gifted page:
    This has the most comprehensive collection of articles and information I have found, from a wide variety of perspectives, including "arguments from 'the other side'" and "Kids and Teen stuff." Plenty of reading here!

  • Millville School
    -- another comprehensive resource list about gifted education

  • E-Mail lists GT-Special Mailing List
    a moderated, informative and supportive email list for families with gifted/special needs children.

Interesting Sites and Articles


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