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Literature-based skill building: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone comprehension exercises

These exercises are from the discontinued Harry Potter Comprehension Compendium. They are in Adobe PDF (portable document file) format, which can be read by any computer with the Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free at the Adobe site. get acrobat reader

Sample exercises

  1. Multiple Meanings (Chapter One)
  2. Understanding Characters (Chapter Two)
  3. The Importance of Names (Chapter Five)
  4. Quote Analysis (Chapter Six)
  5. Main ideas (Chapter Seven)
  6. Similarities and Differences (Chapter Nine)
  7. Roots of Vocabulary: locomotor mortis (Chapter 13)
  8. Similarities and Differences in characters (Chapter 15)
  9. Learning Log (Chapter 15)
  10. Character Analysis - with example ( Chapter 16)

Note: These exercises are not approved by J.K. Rowling or the publishers of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. They are separate works.

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