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May 20 Presentation

Faculty Summer Institute

Table of Contents

Introduction: the powerpoint to speak from (with extra slides)

Examples of multimedia, concept-based math lessons using assorted technology (e.g. Flash, Camtasia, Powerpoint)

Assorted Lessons in Integers and Place Value
(to support our first chapter in our Pre-Algebra course)

Supplemental lessons for our Transitions (pre-pre-Algebra) course

Parts and wholes Introduction

Finding the Whole (powerpoint)

More random explorations

Flash video : "The drama of exponents" (long)

Powerpoitn: Fractions -- "half of" and "multiply by one half" (flash)

Powerpoint: Fractions part two

Powerpoint: Adding Fractions Different Denominators

Short flash example of concept-based interaction: Question addressing misconceptions

"Snapshot" visual (pre-Vine :)): Quick exponent animation 1

"Snapshot" visual II: Exponent animation 2 - with explanation

One More FlashInterval Notation Rough