Links to Resources In order of the presentation (best attempt at getting slide numbers right)
Slide 2: #OERFSI Center for Academic Success at Parkland College

Slide 3: -- Literacy Information and Communication System “professional learning community for adult educators that provides access to resources, professional development, and a connected network of practitioners.”

Slide 4: information about the “Train the trainer” pilot course for adult educators using Open Educational Reosuirces (OER) in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) instructional content.

Slide 7: -- David Wiley’s blog post about OER being like toothbrushes.

Slide 9: Link to the source of the image of the OER. CK12 resources are generally truly “open”

Slide 12: - Central Florida's "blended learning" course -- link to Broward College’s Free College Readiness Course in Reading, Writing and Math my ALEKS integer word problems video

Slide 12 & 13: resources/45/information/ OER Commons adult education Open Community of Resources group.

Slide 18: David Wiley’s blog about the 5 R’s

Slide 19: “Open Course Design and Development”

Slide 20: Creative Commons: information about the recommended Creative Commons licenses

Slide 21: from TheOGRepository: Movie about making OER and matching licenses

Slide 22: information and examples of “attributions

Slide 23: -- “Finding and using OER” by Clint Lalonde

Slide 24: - has chart and detailed explanation of license compatibilities.

Slides26-28: -- Recent, comprehensive list of places to find OER OERCOMMONS.ORG -- mixture of “open” and “free.” Searchable by topic; many activities have been evaluated. Open resources with comments and critiques Commonwealth of Learning GOORU – aimed at K12

YOUTUBE – now has an option for creators to use “Attribute” option and search for same MERLOT CONNEXIONS Open Access Textbooks

State by state: Lists state policies related to education, including Open Educational Resources - “Illinois shared learning” lists resources and more -- Florida's collection


Slide 29-31: -- Terms and conditions for CPALMS educational resources page


Slide 33: s7BGZLUFXIav4KkHnmxQcB6oNsm9wdEN34P_9JLoNo/edit -- the editable (by you :)) Google Doc that we are adding our found OER to

Slide 36-37: Flexible Learning for Open Education Equal Access to Software and Information - Universal Design for Learning Una Daly HTML5 Accessibility Code Examples-- for web developers meet-wcag-20-requirements - course in creating accessible websites Creating Accessible Powerpoints (from Microsoft) -- a site with a “powerpoint reader” (free) that also explains how to design powerpoint shows so that they can be read.

Slide Video about how to use the editor (including limitations)

Slide 40: - Educanon

Slide 41: -- information about OERCOMMONS & open author the link to open author -- (displays poorly in Chrome; a better site is in the works)

Slide 42: link to PhET “source code” information for simulations - link to Khan Academy exercise code, w/ open license

Slide 43: Screencast-o-matic -- free screen casting Jing( free screencapture) nagIt and Camtasiamany editing features

Slide 44: Camtasia Example: “The Stories Numbers Tell”

Slide 48:     Leecy Wise’s Lesson Plan for teaching measurement, including CK-12 resource that can be adapted

Slide 49:   cK-12 “customize” screenshot (must sign in to access, so no link :))

Slide 53:  Link to information about the “blended learning” course from the University of Central Florida -- example of school developing credentials and degrees built on open resources.  list of lots of free online courses.

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