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"vert" is the next of a set of common, but somewhat abstract, word parts.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.



meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


"perpendicular to the plane of the horizon or to a primary axis," (example: anything standing up, not lying down; a line that goes up and down)

three vertical things

WHat are three things that are usually vertical?


dizzy, confused state of mind (the world is spinning or turning) - sometimes caused by looking down from a high place.

a person with vertigo

What are two things that could give someone vertigo?


animal with a backbone (the bone we turn around with)

two of your favorite vertebrates

What are three of the most unusual vertebrates you can think of?


To turn inside out or upside down (a cup, a fraction in math, a shirt a dive)

something being inverted

What is something you shouldn't invert, and why?


to turn from one thing to another (to convert to a different religion, to convert from feet to inches)

something or someone being converted

How is convert different from invert?


to turn back to an earlier state or condition (reverting back to your old religion, or a habit or way of doing things, or reverting money back to what you had when you return to your old country)

Why might someone want revert to their old way of doing things? What is one thing they might say?


the subject of argument or dispute; turning people (or their words) against each other;

people talking about something controversial

What are three controversial things?


to turn inward, or someone who is shy and reserved and keeps to him/herself

an introvert

What are three things an introvert might like to do in spare time?


to turn outward; a person who is outgoing

an extrovert

what are three things an extrovert might like to do in spare time?


to turn away; to see something coming and avoid it(to avert an accident, failing a test, a conversation with someone)

someone averting something

What are two things you would like to avert?


turning against what is wanted (especially adverse weather)

adverse weather for a baseball game

What would be adverse conditions for taking a test?


conditions that make things harder or turn against you; things that make you have to work or fight hard to get what you want or need

an example of adversity

What are two examples of adversity?


trying to undermine (or overthrow; "turn over from underneath") a government or leadership; planning a school strike would be subversive behavior.

someone doing something subversive

Where are three places where someone might do something subversive?


different; made up of different kinds of things or people

a diverse collection of rocks or animals or people

What are two good things and one problem with having a diverse group (of anything or people)

Other vert words: diversion, inversion, aversion, diversity, diversify, subvert, versus, version, covert, overt, persevere, versatile, converse, advertise

Complete these sentences with the vert word.. Be sure to mix these sentences with words learned in previous lessons.

1.After the spinning ride at Disneyworld, Pat had _______________________ and had to sit down until he was steady again.

2. We will try to see problems before they arrive and ___________________________ them.

3. I think I will ______________________________ back to the way I used to drive to work because there is less traffic.

4. We have to ________________________ our dollars and cents into pounds and pence before we go to England.

5. When students got together and refused to take standardized tests, they were suspended for the ________________________ activity .

6. We might go camping if the weather is not too _______________________.

7. The rule for the dance marathon was that you had to be _____________________________ and moving. If you stopped or sat down you were out.

8.A good salesperson is often an ________________________ who really likes to get out and talk to people.

9. You have to sign this form to show you give your ___________________ for them to take you on this dangerous rafting trip.

10. Carl had a lot of ________________________ growing up, but he didn't let it keep him from being a good student and going to college.

11. A slug is not a _________________________ because it has no backbone.

12. If you ______________________ the number 9, it looks like a 6.

13. Beth has a ________________________ rock collection from many different places in the world.


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