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BIO means LIFE

Bio is the third root to be featured on the Resource Room found often in scientific contexts.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


study of life

Three different things a biologist would study

What are 10 different living things a biologist could learn about? Make them as different as you can.


story of someone's life

A biography

What would be a good title for an biography?


story of someone's own life

an autobiography

Who are ten people who have had biographies written about them?


medicine to kill bacteria such as penicillin

a bottle of antibiotics

Why did more children die before antibiotics were discovered?


when two different kinds of living things have a close relationship -- such as bacteria living in cows' stomachs and helping digest grass or bees that get food from flowers and help spread their pollen

a symbiotic relationship

What might the "sym" in "symbiosis" mean?


layer on the earth that has living things

the whole biosphere

What are three very different places on the biosphere that would have very different kinds of life?


able to be broken down (usually into harmless things) in nature -- tree stumps and paper are biodegradable, plastic is not.

Three things that are biodegradable

What is a problem with things that are *not* biodegradable?


taking out and examining living tissue from a living thing (such as taking a piece of a tumor out to see if it is cancerous)

Who would do a biopsy?


Something that could harm living things (such as radioactive material or poisonous chemicals)

A label that would be put on a biohazard

What are three things that could be biohazards?


Light made by living things like lightning bugs or some fish

a bioluminescent animal

Complete these sentences with the bio- word that fits. Be sure review words learned in previous lessons.

1. My brother had a _______________________________ done on the lump on his elbow.

2. A ___________________________ class is where you learn about living things

3.You would have to write your own ______________________________.

4.Termites could not eat wood without other animals living inside them that digest the wood; this is an example of ________________________.

5.An ________________________ will help cure some diseases like strep throat.

6. Things that might spread an infection at a hospital have a __________________________ label on them.

7. When fish glow in the dark it is called ______________________________

8. I want to read the ________________________ of the first President of the United States.

9. The desert, the swamps and the rain forest are all part of the big _____________________.

10. If you put something _________________________________ in the dump, eventually it will rot away.




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