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When you see 'logy' at the end of the word, it means "study of;" 'ologist' at the end means its a person doing that.

Logy is the first of four roots to be featured on the Resource Room found often in scientific contexts.


1. Write the word

2. Write what it means

3. Draw a picture to go with it

4. Answer the question about it.


meaning and example

what to draw

question to answer

(you may draw your answer, too)


study of life

3 different things a biologist would study

What are 10 different things a biologist would study? --Make them as different as you can


study of rocks and earth

something a geologist would study

Where's a place you could you go to see things a geologist would be interested in?


study of weather

a meteorologist at work

what are 10 words a meteorologist would use because of his job?


study of people's ancestors, where they came from & what they did

Draw a family tree

Why would a genealogist go to an old graveyard?


study of poisons

a toxicologist at work

What are two reasons a person would want to talk to a toxicologist?


study of the skin

Draw a dermatologist at work

What are three things a dermatologist would have in his or her office related to dermatology?


study of insects

an entomologist at work

What are five things an entomologist might study?


a practical application of knowledge; something you can use that people had to learn to make

an example of technology

why is a pencil a kind of technology?


study of disease

two things a pathologist would use on the job

What are three examples of things a pathologist would study?


the study of how the way stars and planets supposedly affect human events (NOT the study of stars, which is astronomy)

an astrologist at work

What is the difference between an astrologist and an astronomer?


study of birds

An ornithologist at work

What are five words an ornithologist would use because of his or her job?


study of God or religious faith

a theologist at work

What are five words a theologist would use because of his or her job?


study of trees

dendrologist at work

why is dendrology a kind of biology?

Complete these sentences with the -logy or -logist word that fits. Be sure to review words learned in previous lessons.

1. You do not need a telescope to study ___________________________ , even though the word means "study the stars."

2 Computers and electric hair dryers and gas stoves are examples of ___________________________

3. I called my friend who knows _________________________when I found some very strange bugs in my house.

4. Ornithology and dendrology are two parts of _____________________ because birds and plants are living things

5.________________________ has gotten a lot better because technology lets us predict the weather more accurately.

6.Hawks and hummingbirds are things the __________________________ would know about.

7. My friend got interested in _______________________ when she found out her great-great-grandfather came from Italy.

8. When people got sick and nobody knew why, they called in a good ____________________________ who knew a lot about diseases.

9. A pathologist would want to talk to a ________________________if he or she thought people had been poisoned.

10. My brother studied ____________________________ for six years before working in a church.

11. A tree farmer might want to study ___________________________

12.. That's an interesting rock! A _____________________________ could tell you what it is.

13. I have this itchy rash, so I am going to see a _________________________.



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