Here's the answer - what's the question?

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For each phrase, write down a question it could answer.

An example has been done to show you how.

Questions the phrases might answer can start with who, what, where, when, how, or why.

EXAMPLE:Where did Frank run?
     out the door

1. ————————————————————

      this afternoon

2. ————————————————————

     refilled the teapot

3. ————————————————————

     almost immediately

4. ————————————————————

     directly above his head

5. ————————————————————

     Uncle Albert

6. ————————————————————

      a sudden impulse

7. ————————————————————

      a herd of longhorns in full stampede

8. ————————————————————

      in that shrubbery

9. ————————————————————

     a pleasing young man

10. ————————————————————

      his fear

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