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Literature-based Skill Building:
Holes by Louis Sachar

Learning Log (optional)

Chapter 26: Conflict

Kate Barlow has a conflict of the fourth kind -- "Conflict with society or a social group - struggling with written or unwritten rules, laws or customs."

Who broke the law? _____________________

What social custom did Kate break? _______________


Inference: Why is Green Lake dry now? (What happened right before it stopped raining?)


Draw It!

Draw the final scene in this chapter. Include at least 5 details.

If your imagination is better than your drawing, describe what a photograph of the last scene would look like; include at least five details.

Chapter 27

Inference -- what does Stanley infer about his canteen when Mr. Sir disappears with it? Why doesn't he drink from it? _______________________________________


What is Zero's real last name? __________________

Who else had that last name in Latvia? (see chapter 7)


What is a possible inference you could make from those facts? ________________________________________



Ch. 28:


How is the setting in this chapter different from the setting in the last chapter? ________________________


Conflict: Who has a conflict in this chapter?


How is the conflict resolved?


What is buried somewhere near Green Lake?


What can you infer about the holes the boys are digging?








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