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Literature-based Skill Bulink to reading comprehensionilding:
Holes by Louis Sachar

Chapter One


Setting / Draw it!

A "setting" is where something is or where something happens. To describe the setting can also include the time of day, the moods of any people there, and any other details that would help you understand what is happening.

Holes opens with a description of the setting of most of this story.

Draw this setting. Be sure to include each thing on this list, and as many details from the chapter as you can find (be creative about showing what it is like there):

  • log cabin

  • hammock

  • "lake" ( "lake" is in quotation marks because something is called a lake, but it's not really a lake)

  • scorpions

  • rattlesnake

  • lizard

  • holes


To infer something (or, make an infer-ence) is to figure something out, or at least make a guess about something. For example, if someone bursts into tears and leaves the room, you could infer that something has upset them. You might even know what it is.

A good inference is not a wild guess. It's based on evidence. Tears are evidence that someone is upset.

If you knew only the name, you might infer that a place called "Camp Green Lake" would have a lake, green plants, and lots of fun things to do. However, the first chapter gives you plenty of evidence to help you infer that Camp Green Lake is not a fun place.


What are three reasons you could infer that "Camp Green Lake" isn't fun for the campers?

What is one reason you can infer that the Warden is not nice to the campers?


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