#MTBOS I think I’m here…

So… https://exploremtbos.wordpress.com/2017/01/05/new-year-new-blog/    has a blog post that says we should be blogging!

And … I have been, but on the ‘wordpress’ blog servers, not my own.

This year I want to update my site and whilst that’s been a goal for three years running,  there are more acute reasons for me to be in my own space.

I also want to write blogs that would have stuff other people might want to read 🙂

Link o’ the day: http://openknowledgemaps.org/   I typed in Math Education and saw some nice distractions.

So, off to try to make some fact practice with strategies happen in Canvas  !

Oh, w00t!  I get to not make some of the mistakes (like putting things in ‘categories’ that should be tags, and not knowing how to remove them).



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