One more distraction

So it seems Canvas won’t let you include units in “formula answers.”

This would mean that you would have to say “yes, students, I know we’re always supposed to… but … it’s the limitations of this software.”

You know, I have a very finite tolerance for this because it really. does. interfere. with. learning. ┬áP’raps not with your students, but it does for mine.

So… while I’m developing this “lesson” for adult ed… I’m *not* going to recommend that people have students sign up for it because … these are only the bugs I know about.

Have I mentioned that I don’t think my students should be beta testers?

That means my priority is having the ‘course’ up there be an open sharing of resources for other teachers to do blended things with.

And yes, there’s a plug in for moving WordPress from site a to site b.

And yes, I should get some of those things done that I said I would during the “down time.”

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