Test Post.

Lesson for the day:   How to “copy” a quiz.

It’s still a little kludgy — this is a huge deficit in the Canvas LMS environment … and I’m afraid I’ll forget it.

So you go to a quiz bank and make a new one… then take each question from the quiz bank you made for that other one and “copy or move to another bank.”   Then you can go in and edit them.

BE AWARE:   For a while, according to posts in the “Canvas Community,”  there was this huge bug where things that were supposed to be randomized weren’t.   Then it seemed to have gotten fixed.

Another thing about Canvas that sucks, says me, who may post this in the meta group to be shouted into the ether:   there doesn’t seem to be communication between “Customer support’ and “Canvas Community.”   I wonder about the culture behind that.   Do the Customer Support techies think the rank amateurs such as myself are a necessary evil that they have to co-exist with, but must keep clear boundaries between?

I’ve seen questions that were really nothing but “I’m frustrated with tech support — this thing that’s supposed to do that thing isn’t doing it”  — turn into ideas to be voted on, when the replies included that it was a support issue.

I’ve seen *lots* of “assumed answered” questions that were about “talk to support” — but never do I know whether things were actually resolved.

And yes, my header image is awful.   I tried to just bring in the header image from my other page but it insisted I crop it, and then spread it out and killed the resolution.

Then I tried saying “skip the cropping.” Much better 🙂 🙂

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